Productivity for Artists: Organizing Yourself for Success

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The secret about people who are super productive? They don’t have any more will-power self-discipline or self-control than you. You’re not a lazy person. Its not fair to beat yourself up because you’re ‘not productive enough’. People who are super productive have simply discovered ways to arrange their life so it’s easier from them to do the things they want to: it takes them less effort. And there are techniques and tricks that can help even the most disorganized of us. Hi I’m Brooke Glaser a professional illustrator creative educator and business owner. I was not born knowing how to deal with procrastination lack of motivation overwhelm or distractions. This class is the compilation of the skills and techniques I’ve learned to deal with those productivity challenges at different stages of my career. Work a full or part-time job and trying to start a new career on the side? Oof I’ve been there. This class is for you. Made it full-time but struggle with balancing an overwhelming overload of projects? Yikes! I’ve been there too: This class is for you. You’re going to learn get organized and create a system that will keep your organized. You’ll learn a system to get organized - and STAY organized. We’ll talk about time management tips and building habits that stick. We’ll go over curating a physical environment to help you be productive. I’ll share productivity hacks to help you get further with less effort (and bust some common work-a-holic myths). You’ll learn techniques for discovering motivation and inspiration when you don’t have any. And you’ll learn to deal with distractions procrastination fear of failure and frustration. 
 By the end of this class you will have tricks up your sleeve to conquer whatever productivity challenges pop up in your way.