Puppet Glasses: Create Custom Eyeglasses for Your Puppet or a Doll

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Learn how to create custom and unique glasses for your puppet doll or a toy. This class is aimed at all puppet/doll/toy makers from absolute beginners hobby crafters to professionals and it also may be interesting for everyone who wants to create glasses for their own favorite toy. If you make personalized marionettes or dolls youve certainly been in a situation where you also had to create custom glasses for them. Of course there are also ready-made mini glasses that can be bought however sometimes you need them specific and customized. Making puppet glasses may seem intimidating but it can actually be very easy and fun and that’s what I’d like to show you in this class. First we will go through all the materials and tools that you’ll need to make your puppet glasses (you can find "Materials and Tools" document in "Projects & Resources" section). I’ll show you how to create a custom glasses template for your puppet/doll then we’ll use the template to make the glasses and we’ll also create a unique glasses frame. Finally in the bonus lesson I’ll show you my technique of making sunglasses.