Raise your vibrations and frequency (Yoga, Meditation +more)

Published 2021-11-26
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Lucila Tarana

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Empower yourself and manifest your dreams by awakening your consciousness and connecting with your true self.

You will learn how to raise your frequencies and vibrational state of being. I will guide you on the path of mastering your life by connecting with your inner self through many powerful techniques such as yoga and meditation principally. You will learn how to start a healthy new rutine, that will help you have a much lighter way of living connected with the abundance of the universe. We will get into this also by learning about rituals, afirmations, the importance of detecting and transforming limiting beliefs into positive, practicing pranayamas, breath work, chanting mantras, we will talk about forgiveness, compassion, self love and much more.

For having an armonious and balanced life, finding your own power that has been always with in you since you where born. It is our birth right to be whole, happy, abundant and to manifest all our desires and dreams. So here is the perfect place to get in tune and empower ourselves with these wounderful techniques that I have to share with you that worked perfectly for me, so that you can live in the here and now, present moment in the more aligned and enlightened way because you deserve it, as we all do, we just need to learn how leave behind what is not surving us and instead add this new lifestile into our lifes and stick these new habits to enjoy our wonderful life.

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