RStudio Bootcamp- for Data Management, Statistics & graphics

Published 2022-05-28
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A complete guide to RStudio- from performing simple operations, to developing complex models, visualization & simulation

R is a general purpose statistical software package used in many fields of research. It is licensed for free - an open source software. It has large user and growing developer base.

I have developed this course for users of R. My primary goal is to provide an easy way to learn how to perform an analytic task in this system, without having to go through complex documentations. This course will give you a classroom like training experience and covers vast topics such as data management, descriptive summaries. inferential procedures, regression analysis, time series analysis, multivariate methods, simulation and graphics.

Therefore this course not only teaches you to clean and analyze data, it also gives you a pavement to develop colorful reports for the purpose of management communication.

I did not attempt to complicate things in as many ways as possible to keep the understanding sweet and simple. I have given a simple approach that is easy to understand for a new user, and have tried to provide several solutions where deemed possible.

I request you to watch the lectures at your own pace and practice the codes one by one with the given and new datasets. This will enhance your learning even more.

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