Scientific Illustration: Conveying Information with Charm

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In this course you’ll learn how to take a scientific fact or concept and turn it into an exciting illustration that steps beyond reality but still communicates the concept accurately. You’ll learn about the steps of creating an illustration including research brainstorming sketching refining a drawing and digital production in Photoshop. Ill also walk you through some illustration fundamentals that are often misunderstood including line value and color to make your work as strong as possible. Plus I’ll address the number one question in art/illustration: how do I find my style? While I can’t tell you what your style is—it’s your own fingerprint after all—I will walk you through how I came to understand my own style and why I think it suits me and perhaps it will help you get on the right track to discovering your own creative fingerprint! Learn by doing Choose a scientific concept that excites your curiosity. Research the concept draw to understand and create a final illustration that entices viewers with personality and charm while rooted in fact and successfully explaining the concept. Watch 11 video lessons Researching and Thinking: Learn about whimsical scientific illustration + style.