Shortcuts to Map Making for Illustrators: Illustrate Your Favorite City

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Illustrated maps are in high demand for both products and publications. My most successful art collection has been a series of 12 city maps I originally created for one client for a poster calendar. Since then I have licensed the same art for wall art apparel stationery fabric home decor ceramics and more! Even for a seasoned illustrator the first time illustrating a map can be daunting. There is so much research and planning that has to happen before you can even get to the fun part. During my calendar project of illustrating 12 maps I developed a series of steps to streamline the map making process. In this class I share those steps with you. This class is best for people who already know how to illustrate in Photoshop but are new to the map making process or want to streamline the process. If you need to learn Photoshop illustration first I have a class that teaches illustration in Photoshop. Click here to check it out. The methods I teach can also be applied in Adobe Illustrator or even with traditional media with some adjustments. CLASS HIGHLIGHTS - Learn quick ways to research a city and create a Google map template. - Brainstorm icon imagery for maps. - See how to use a Google map template to layout and sketch a map in Photoshop. - Use reference imagery to do detailed sketches of icons. - Watch step by step as my own map transforms from template to sketches to final illustration.