Show your design in its best form using Sketchup - Part 3

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Welcome to this unique and exciting course that is laser-focused on showcasing your design in its BEST form with Sketchup. The purpose of this course is to captivate the viewers of your projects AND to boost your creativity using Sketchups full potential. This complete course goes beyond the technical capacity of this amazing software. In fact as an architect and photographer Nizar Bredan shares the essence of his photographic learning and combines it with 10+ years of experience designing with Sketchup. Sketchups flexibility also allows for your creativity to be expressed so you will get some pretty useful ideas you can apply directly into your current or next project. Your feedback is more than welcome. Please share your thoughts which part you liked the most what kind of advice you wish to be deepened or simply if you enjoyed the content. What youll learn in PART 3 : Achieving a captivating perspective view By the end of this third and last part of the course you will: Be able to apply hidden secrets of photography directly to your scenes