Simulated Laser Cut Paper in Procreate using Brushes w 20 Brushes Included and Instructions for More

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I am always keeping my eyes open for new projects that could be done using brushes and I found a really great Laser Cut Card that I thought would be a great possibility. What I loved about it was that I could use floral brushes to create a great graphic then I could use filters and such to make it look 3d. It isn’t a super-difficult project so I am hoping you can have some fun with it. You’ve learned plenty about custom Procreate brushes but I still want to give you a few as a gift! This class Simulated Laser Cut Paper in Procreate using Brushes will show you some of my illustration and pattern design methodology and new ways to use brushes to create a graphic. In the class I take you from start to finish in creating a complete greeting card notably with great dimension and a cool little clasp or closure. The star of the show is definitely creating shadow effects and dimension.