Slow Flow Yoga Bundle: 6 Pre-recorded Yoga Classes

Published 2022-07-24
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Amy Doucette

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A Series of Yoga Classes to take whenever and wherever you please.

Take some time for yourself with these mindful and adaptable yoga classes you can take in the comfort of your own home. Classes range from 10-15 minutes to over an hour so as to fit in to your schedule and offer some variation.

I've created these classes with beginners/intermediate students in mind, but they are acceptable for all levels. However, if you ever feel any pain, back out of whatever pose you are in and either skip it or try a different variation. As with all exercise, consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routines.

I am a 200 Hr Certified RYT since 2018 and have been practicing my own yoga since 2014. My style is gentle, with lots of room for modifications. Feel free to pause or rewind any portions of these classes, or skip portions that do not feel right for your body. And feel free to use these classes as an opportunity for a moving mediation. Set intentions at the start of any classes, bring your focus to your breath and the present moment, and release anything you are thinking about from outside of class.

I hope you enjoy these classes and that they bring both joy and calm to your life! Namaste.

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