Somatic Stretch Sequences for Faster, Lasting Flexibility!

Published 2021-12-13
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Sadie Nardini

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Release years of tension with gentle, brain-retraining, muscle melting moves that work better than static stretching!

Static stretching doesn't work well. Try Somatic Stretching Sequences instead!

Did you know that you can release years of built up muscle and emotional tension, and reclaim your body’s fullest range of motion – in an incredibly gentle way that takes only seconds – and you’ll feel a difference almost instantly?

But the way this muscle melting will happen might not be what you think:

For years, in yoga, we were taught that static stretching, or holding full range of motion stretches for more than 30 seconds, was the path to long, limber muscles and the key to all those bendy poses on Instagram.

And yet many of you are here because you’re either still frustratingly tight after all these years and classes, or you’re noticing joint pain and even injury – or both! Even if you just want to learn a more gentle way to move and relax, static stretching simply isn’t the way.

I know – I did it for over 20 years, and nothing has worked as well as a few minutes of the simplest, most subtle somatic (body) movement.

Please watch the video above for more information on why stretching doesn’t work as well as what’s here in this course!

Scientifically, but simply put: Somatic Stretching, which is really gentle release work disrupts the gamma loop of tension, signals that are moving continuously from the brain to the muscles to tell them to stay tight.

This type of movement plus awareness tells the brain to allow the muscle “grabbing”, aka: tight muscles, to let go, freeing your joints for their full and natural range of motion.

Static (longer held) common stretches usually trigger a stretch reflex which either weakens the muscles during the whole yoga or fitness class, and/ or causes them to feel flexible for a couple of hours but then go back to being as tight or tighter after the movement session. Usually both.

So somatic stretches are superior if you want lasting flexibility snd not just a temporary fix!

In this program, you get forever access to 15 Somatic Stretch Sequences, including:

1 Somatic Stretch Sequence 1: Lower Legs & Feet

2 Somatic Stretch Sequence 2: Inner Thighs & Pelvic Floor

3 Somatic Stretch Sequence 3: Front Thighs, Knees & Hip Flexors

4 Somatic Stretch Sequence 4: Outer Legs: Hip, Knee, SIde Shin, Ankle

5 Somatic Stretch Sequence 5: Back Legs: Hamstrings & Glutes

6 Somatic Stretch Sequence 6: Hip Flexors: Iliacus & Psoas (Iliopsoas)

7 Somatic Stretch Sequence 7: Hip Hikers (QL) & Side Abs

8 Somatic Stretch Sequence 8: Lower Back

9 Somatic Stretch Sequence 9: Total Core

10 Somatic Stretch Sequence 10: Chest & Shoulders

11 Somatic Stretch Sequence 11: Front Arms: Biceps

12 Somatic Stretch Sequence 12: Back Arms, Shoulders & Upper Back

13 Somatic Stretch Sequence 13: Total Wrists & Forearms

14 Somatic Stretch Sequence 14: Side Neck & Jaw

15 Somatic Stretch Sequence 15: Shoulders, Back & Back of Neck

They are fun and empowering, and couldn't be easier to do - and best of all – they work to do what all the static stretches in the world will be unlikely to: create real, lasting flexibility and relaxation 24/7.

Do one or more of these fully guided sequences after a yoga class, or any time you want to deeply, and more permanently, release certain areas.

I know you’re going to love these incredible – and incredibly nurturing – sequences.

See you on the mat!


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