Statistics for AI & ML Developers

Published 2022-04-27
Platform Udemy
Number of Students 30
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The complete course to master fundamental statistical concepts for machine learning developers

Learn The Necessary Skills To Become An AI& ML Specialist!

Only Memorizing formulas or repeating the computation exercises is thing of the past! To become a complete AI specialist, learn the essential aspect of statistics. This program focuses on concepts like data visualization and practical applications. Also, this program will help you learn the tools like jupyter notebook and Google colab which enables you to code solutions and and build on popular ML models.

Through this program, you get to learn basic concepts of statistics like inferential statistics, vocabulary, hypothesis testing, and machine learning. These concepts will you learn to build valid and accurate models. This is a must learn course for serious ML developers.

Major Concepts That You'll Learn!

The field of Artificial Intelligence works on the prediction basis and patterns in structures using data. Statistics act as a foundation while analyzing and dealing with data in machine learning. This program will give you a brief knowledge of how statistics helps build and deploy AI models.

Perks Of Availing This Program!

So why are you waiting? make your move to become an AI specialist now.

See You In The Class!

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