Step-By-Step Statistics For Data Science By Spotle

Published 2022-08-05
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The basic statistics and data analysis you must learn for a solid career in Data Science

Data Science has become a key industry driver in the global job and opportunity market. A career in Data Science is something that many people are aspiring and preparing for. Statistics forms the backbone of Data Science. To become a data scientist, it is essential to learn the techniques involved in data handling, data interpretation and data analysis. In short, as a data scientist we need to make sense of data and find the inherent meaning in data. This course is designed by the global subject matter experts for the enthusiasts to give a 360 degree coverage of Statistics that lies at the core of Data Science. The course will help people learn the essentials skills for data analysis, as well help them solve complex business problems. This is an ideal course for the people who want to make it big in the field of Data Science as a whole.

This course is also highly recommended for the students of standard 12 to graduation level who are dong major in Statistics, Mathematics or in any tech based subject. Each and every topic in this Spotle compact course has been explained with multiple examples.

At the end of each topic/ video, quiz have been added to help you test your understanding of the subject. Each quiz question has been explained in detail.

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