Teaching Trauma-Informed Prenatal Yoga

Published 2022-02-16
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Jessica Freedman

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An Introduction to teaching prenatal yoga through a trauma-informed lens.

In this course, you will be introduced to teaching prenatal yoga through a trauma-informed perspective with Jessica Freedman and Victoria McCargar. In this program, we will talk about the foundations of trauma-informed yoga, where you can find it being taught, some general guidelines for instructors, 2 prenatal yoga classes, and a section on Grounding Techniques to use with your students.

We designed this course as an introduction for those who work with the pregnant population in wellness practices, exercise and yoga spaces, therapist's offices, and other community support centers. If you are curious about becoming a certified trauma-informed prenatal yoga teacher, we offer a certification course in the Fall and we hope this introductory course will help you decide if this is the type of work you feel called to do.

Victoria holds many certifications in various modalities of yoga and trauma-informed care. She is the regional director of the non-profit organization, Yoga 4 Change and teaches trauma-informed yoga classes both prenatal and traditional yoga in various settings.

Jessica is the founder of MamaShakti Prenatal Yoga and she also holds many yoga certifications. Jessica did her graduate studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on Women's Health and Fertility. She brings a holistic approach to holding space for her pregnant students that is nurturing and compassionate.

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