The Five Rites of Tibetan - Reinterpreted

Published 2022-06-06
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Erik Zhou

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Unlocking the ancient wisdom, become a superhuman doing the 5 rites of Tibetan

It is a paradoxical situation in the modern world with the exponential explosion of technology, people having much more access to goods and services, and living a much more comfortable life. However, people are becoming more and more stressed, depressed tired and happiness becomes a luxury.

People stand on the shoulder of the gain called science and despite the so-called “traditional” method that would bring people happiness and well beings. Ironically, these so-called “traditional” methods like yoga, tai chi and meditation are becoming more and more popular and solving so many problems that science is not able to solve and for me, it is a journey of rediscovery of the buried forgotten gem from thousands of years ago.

In this journey, I will wipe off the dust of this amazing ancient gem and show you the superpower that it could bring you to your daily life and explain to you why it would work on both an energetic level as well as a scientific level(it is not contradicting to science at all and probably ahead of science).

If you follow along with this course and made the commitment to do the exercise for a period, it would change your life. You would have much more focus with abundant energy. You would feel that your mood is uplifted with better bowel movements better digestion with sounder sleep and much more.

Let me be your guide and take you through this journey to rediscover this ancient wisdom through the lens of modern science and unleash your true potential of yourself.

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