The New Future with Ai Basic understanding & Ethics

Published 2022-06-04
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Get a good basic understanding of Ai & Robotics, without being into software programming. This is really for everyone.

We are at the extremely special point in time where humanity transitions from biological intelligence to digital intelligence and a robotic workforce. I will go through what it will mean to our daily lives, the economy, jobs, income, production and property law. All done with a positive attitude but also a healthy sense of caution.

I have put in a lot of work creating this course and I truly hope it will help bring a useful and exciting perspective on the future.

At this point everyone should consider what the future could look like with A.i. and what can be done to get there the best way.

The neural network progress is substantial and this is a historic moment where we have to pay extra attention.


This is intended for everyone who cares about our future with Ai and Robotics. No programming skills needed. I use everyday language and simple concepts.

Each video includes small exercises and thought experiments to help expand your understanding of A.i. and Robotics.

Learn how the World is going to be different and how we could make it the best ever with good Ethics.

Understand the full power of Ai with simple examples.

Understand the surprising Robotics production growth model.

Take part in Q & A where you can get feedback on your thoughts and questions related to the course.

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