Watercolor Gems & Jewelry

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Welcome to Watercolor Gems & Jewelry. This is my 4th skillshare class and is at an intermediate/advanced level where we will concentrate heavily on transparencies layering and extra shine using white ink or acrylic paint. If you are a beginner please take my first class: Modern Watercolor Techniques for Beginners as we will be referring to basic techniques throughout this class. On that note if you want to practice layering with watercolors in a precise way I recommend you go over the Watercolor Textures warm up activities /texture swatches) and if you want to practice with white ink over watercolor I highly recommend the white ink exercises in Watercolor and Mixed Media . Remember you dont need to pay for each class if you have a skillshare subscription you get complete access to all my classes :) Having said that if you have taken my other classes you are 100% ready to dive into this shiny class!