Watercolor - Let’s Paint a Dog: Golden Retriever Edition!

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In this Skillshare class we will explore the fundamentals needed to create an 8” x 10” whimsical watercolor painting of the lovable Leilani. Don’t stop “ retrieving .” You can do it! This class is a great starting point for those wanting to explore the world of painting golden retrievers. I will walk you through painting this wonderful dog. If you have always wanted to paint a Retriever I hope this will be a " pawsitive " learning experience. In this class we will: Explore painting the Eyes and Nose Explore painting the Ears Explore painting the Lips and Snout Explore painting the Forehead Explore painting the Chest Explore painting the Final Details This is an intermediate level class but I think it is a great starting point for those who are interested in painting dogs or other animals. I went over some of the basic watercolor techniques in my " Watercolor: Lets Paint a Pumpkin " Class. If you want to paint other dogs I have several other classes available. There are classes covering a Chocolate Lab a Yorkie and a Basset Hound . There are also classes that focus solely on dog eyes and dog noses . Materials are listed in the "Projects & Resources" area of the class. There are four resource PDF download links for the supplies list sections of the painting line drawing and photo reference. If you have any questions please comment in the discussions area. Happy painting! Thanks to Brittany for allowing me to use Leilani as a model for this class. All music was sourced from mixkit.co. Mixkit offers completely free royalty free music.