Watercolor Mixing Chart | Bonus: Fountain Pens & Setting up a Palette

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This class will help you get set up for success in watercolor and urban sketching. It will also work as a great supplement to my first class Watercolor Basics . I created this class because these are skills I at one point wanted to learn but could never find information in one place. Here is what you will be learning: -How to set up a watercolor palette with tube paints -How to fill your fountain pen with your choice of ink -How to make a color mixing chart from the watercolors you have As long as you have watercolor paint watercolor paper and paint brushes you have everything you need to take this class (or at least to learn how to make a mixing chart). If youd like to be able to complete everything in this class youll also need a fountain pen ink watercolor in a tube and an empty paint palette.