Fundamentals of Yoga

Published 2022-03-13
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Inge Jacobs

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Fundamental Basics and Foundational Concepts of a Hatha (physical) Yoga Practice

This online course focuses on the fundamental principals of hatha (or physical) yoga. It walks you through the most important aspects of practicing yoga from a very high place, where you can see and experience specific video examples of each section. These sections coincide with how a skilled yoga instructor would cue students when taking a live class. You can learn these skills in this class, and be extremely prepared to take live classes, bringing with you an intimate understanding of what the instructor means when they are walking you through the class sequences and routines.

Many topics are covered in this course, such as:

-Posture, Breathing and Focus

-Limb Stacking and Joint Alignment

-Flow Sequencing and Form

-Separate Leg Postures


-Using Your Focus and Intention to Pull Your Body Into Alignment

-Coming in and out of Deep Postures

-Listening to Your Own Voice and Feelings


The topics that have been chosen for this course are the most important aspects to be familiar with in your yoga practice. They are the building blocks for a strong and successful lifetime of not only yoga practice, but physical strength and mobility in general.

This course will bring you to a higher level of practice that will have long-term value for you in many ways.

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