Women's Holistic Health Coach Teacher Training Course

Published 2021-12-10
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Jessica Fleming

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Confidently guide women towards better mind and body health through yoga, coaching sessions and women's circles.

If you want to learn how to guide women of all ages towards greater mind and body, holistic health and wellness, then you are in the right place!

This course will give you all of the skills, knowledge, resources and confidence you will need to start teaching women's health yoga classes, guiding holistic health coaching sessions and facilitating beautiful women's circles!

The topics covered in this course include:

When you enroll in this course you will receive exclusive Anjali Holistic Health Academy printable resources, including:

The resources you will receive when you enroll in this course are exclusive to Anjali and are not offered by any other course worldwide!

On completion of this course you will have the skills, knowledge and resources to guide women's health yoga classes and workshops, you will have the skills, confidence and resources to offer holistic health coaching sessions to women, in person or online and you will have to ability to run women's circles!

This course is a certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education program.

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