Yin Yoga to heal stress and insomnia

Published 2021-12-18
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Number of Students 8
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Francesca Crescenzi

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Learn a practice that will help you to calm you mind, reducing stress and anxiety

This package including 5 Yin Yoga sequences plus 1 Pranayama sequence and 1 Yoga Nidra audio, is especially designed to help relieve stress and insomnia; the postures you will learn are easy to hold, especially with the help of pillows and blankets.

You don't require mouvement and big space, Yin Yoga is Stillness of the body and mind!

Once you have learned a few postures, you can even make your own sequence and practice in bed before sleeping in order to quiet the mind and have a good sleep.

Practice one class per day, recommended in the evening before going to sleep.

Practice the Pranayama sequence every day, recommended in the morning.

Listen to the Yoga Nidra audio at night before sleeping.

In this course you will receive:

~Five Yin Yoga practical classes that heal stress and relieve insomnia through Yin Yoga postures.

~The corresponding 5 written sequences so you can practice at your own time when you have learned the postures.

~One Yoga Nidra audio to listen before going to bed.

~One Pranayama sequence

~PDF of the Yin postures used in the classes.

~ informative lectures explaining:

1- the history of Yin Yoga through an interview to its founder.

2- the concept of meridians according to Chinese medicine

Love and light


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