Yin Yoga to release tension

Published 2022-03-02
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Melissa Quintero

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Yoga for Upper Body and Low Back & Hips.

Yoga has been my favorite go to routine since I can work my body and my mind in the same place. We are living right now in a fast paced world, and we keep ourselves busy most of the time. Stress is a natural part of life, but when we don't take the time to process and digest these events, stress accumulates in our body, showing up in tension, pain or illness.

I have designed this class specifically to release tension from the upper and lower body such as the neck, lower back, and hips since these are the areas of the body in which we accumulate the most tension.

In Yin Yoga we hold poses for 1-3 minutes approximately so we can go deeper than muscles into soft tissues.

The benefits of this practice, on a physical level, is that it is possible to release deep tensions in ligaments, tendons and joints something that is not possible during yang style yoga practices.

Also through yin yoga postures and directed breathing we inhabit a space of stillness and calm within us.

This practice is recommended for anyone who spends lots of time sitting on a desk, to counterbalance bad postures that we hold in our everyday lives and for anyone who wants to add a relaxing, therapeutic routine to your week or day self care routines.

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