Reclaim your body and mind´s health with yoga

Published 2022-06-20
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Arturo Gonzalez

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A lifetime journey through the study and exploration of the body and the mind

This course is intended to provide a clear view of all the elements involved in the study of yoga as a movement discipline.  We present a well-rounded, follow-along, step-by-step course we can use to recover, restore and maintain our bodies and minds clear and healthy. The lessons have been designed to address all the body.  Important aspects of health such as strength, balance, flexibility, and more, were of most importance when producing this work.

The lessons are short and on point. The ideal student will take this as an opportunity to challenge discipline and commitment.  The purpose of designing short and engaging videos is to create, nurture and develop habits. We should desirably enter the yoga mat on a regular basis. Now, it is also ok to skip a few days. Resting days should be welcomed, allowed, and enjoyed.  Just avoid losing momentum. There is no ¨one size fits all¨ when it comes to creating conditioning programs, but even so, this one is pretty well-balanced in terms of movement variety and creativity.

Everything I share in this course, I have been consistently applying to my own practice for years. Any person out there who seeks yoga as means of creating a healthy lifestyle, I invite you to join me in the study of this rewarding, life-changing activity.

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