Yoga and Ayurveda Through the Seasons - Winter

Published 2021-12-23
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Otherworld Wellness

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Winter yoga, ayurveda, herbal remedies and lifestyle practices

Delve into the energetics, attributes and dominant doshas of winter. Learn dietary and herbal recommendations, daily practices, yoga and breathing exercises for optimal health and presence through the season. As a bonus, enjoy a guided winter visualization meditation and two journaling exercises designed to deepen your connection to the winter season. The course is broken down into sections including an introduction and brief breathing mediation, internal and external attributes of the season, energetics of the season, a brief overview of Ayurvedic theory, the dominant doshas of the winter season and their attributes, balancing doshas for the season- body/mind, yoga breathing exercise, and journal exercises for mental balance.

This course was created by Cayla Sweeney, founder and proprietor of Otherworld Wellness. She is a fellowship awarded anthropologist, registered herbalist, and E-RYT. Cayla melds her background as an anthropologist, herbalist, and E-RYT yoga educator to support personal agency in one's health and to foster an environment of community based self-care by combining the ancient practices of herbalism and yoga with modern movement and wellness practices.She integrates her studies of ancient cultures and new technologies to create offerings that include: small-batch herbal products that are always made with intentionally sourced plant materials (local and organic materials when possible), as well as private yoga and herbalism consultations, and holistic workshops.

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