Yoga at My Desk

Published 2021-12-01
Platform Udemy
Price $19.99
Megan Nolan

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Take the OUCH out of your slouch for less tension, pain, and stress!

Learn how to put the tools of Yoga to work for you, at work!

This innovative course will give you ALL the tools you need to balance the effects of long hours working at a desk to help you stretch out tension, strengthen your whole body (especially sleepy core muscles), quiet and focus your mind, plus give you a boost of energy anytime you need it.

Each session has a unique focus and includes a variety of Yoga postures, strengthening exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques. With lots of options and modifications this series is great for people of all levels.

And the best part: you won't even need Yoga pants or Yoga mat to do it!

The sessions range from 9 minutes to 13 minutes so you can easily work them into your busy schedule. Once you've made your way through all of the sessions you can go back and choose exactly what you need for the day, anytime you need it!

Since Yoga is shown to help you boost your mental clarity and lower stress this series is a great way to make sure you:

So whether you're new to Yoga or wanting to make it a regular part of your day,  the Yoga at My Desk program is perfect for you!

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