Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Management

Published 2022-02-11
Platform Udemy
Number of Students 5
Price $84.99
Cherise Smith

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Yoga tools to manage stress and anxiety

This is a comprehensive course that includes basic information about stress and anxiety.  This course teaches students how to identify some of the most common forms of stress and anxiety, as well as some of the symptoms.  This course provides basic information as to how the nervous system and Cortisol in the body affects our mental and physical health.   In this course, students will learn a variety of tools taught and practiced in Yoga to help them manage their anxiety and stress.

The lectures include verbal and visual presentations on the following topics:

Students will also be provided with lectures to practice all of the different types of yoga, with a breakdown on how to use them to help with managing their anxiety and stress.   Each lecture will have its own practice session, and short quiz to help with retention of information. 

Once students have completed this course, there will be a final comprehensive class taught that will pull all of the different styles of yoga together.

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