Yoga for Upper back pain and strenght

Published 2022-04-26
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Neck, shoulders, upper back tension

Are you struggling with some neck shoulder or even upper back pain ?

Are you sitting on a chair the whole day ?

Then this course can be helpful.

The intension in this course is to show you some rituals that done on a long term basis, can help fight against the pain.

I have been having neck and upper back issues myself and stretching seemed to never be enough.

I came to understand over the years that this needs to be combined with strength. The body needs to be strong enough to go through all the emotions, stressful situations and tense positions faced through the day.

Obviously this cannot be replaced by the advise of a doctor but it can help soothe the tension in the body and complement the different options that we have been offered but strength needs to be provided to the body.

For this reason, this class contains some breathing exercises to calm the body before starting. This will be followed by some short warm up sequence to not hurt ourselves so we can go on with some strength and stretching exercises.

This class is a short one as the intent is to try to make it possible for people who are busy during the whole day to find a small half an hour for themselves, even maybe if it is before going to work.

Longer classes targeting topics about upper body pain will be available in the future.

The important thing to be remembered is to thank yourself for bringing movement to your body even if it is only ten minutes a day.

I hope you enjoy the class !

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