Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course

Published 2022-02-23
Platform Udemy
Number of Students 5
Price $84.99
Acharya Vinay

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Learn and Teach the ancient art of relaxation and transformation !

Yoga Nidra is an ancient Indian method of relaxing the body & mind of stress and releasing the tensions. It allows for a complete transformation of personality by correcting the behaviour, eradicating unwanted habits, obstructions in personality and allows for a full blossoming of individual's creative potential and positive aspects. This technique taught in the course, has been designed keeping in mind the traditional system and at the same time the modern concepts of psychotherapy. Across the world thousands of people are continuously using Yoga Nidra to reclaim the peace of mind, energy of body and a connection with the self.

Acharya Vinay, the author of the course, have carefully explained the concepts involved which are easy to understand and implement.

The course aims to bring this ancient art of relaxation and healing to all those who are interested. The course contains explanatory videos about the technique of yoga nidra, its benefits, how it influences the body mind, physiology and psychology. Towards the end it contains several practise videos where full yoga nidra practise has been narrated from beginners to advanced levels. Students can use these sessions for their own practise as well as use them to design their teaching classes. The practise sessions are a transcript for teaching classes. Students can listen them and gain understanding about how to conduct a full yoga nidra session.

These practise sessions are applicable to all the people of any age or gender. Yoga

After successfull completion of the course, students will be granted a certificate through email.

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