Yoga Nidra: Teachers training, Yoga Instructor Master class

Published 2021-12-04
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Dr Aparna RR

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Certification in Yoga Nidra Training

Yoga Nidra best practices, Benefits. A quick Guided course and a fast paced course. Yoga Nidra can be use to cure many physical alignments and can be used for emotional well being. An elaborative technique and sequence of yoga Nidra process is provided in this course. Any one can take up this course for their emotional and physical well being. By performing yoga NIdra frequently complete relaxation, rejuvenation and healing of the body and mind happens.

People can be cure from negative thoughts and can reprogram their sub conscious mind for a better life and move their focus to their desired goals. Yoga nidra is the key to success in life and relaxation.

Yoga nidra eliminates depression and stress as it makes the person to analyze and understand his mind workings. He gains more knowledge on the mind thoughts and thought patterns. Hence, his life gets transformed and sees life in a new perspective.

Also everybody would have experience this yogic sleep in our lives in some part of time either consciously or unconsciously. Hence, Yoga Nidra should be taught to the kids at an early age for their physical and emotional well being.

Relax, Rejoice Rejuvenate and Heal

Be a shinning and blissful soul

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