Yoga Philosophy - The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

Published 2022-01-20
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Yogi Sandeep Rishikesh

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Join Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Philosophy Course (200hr TTC Level)

Enroll in this Yoga Alliance-approved online yoga philosophy course to learn more about yoga philosophy and develop a better knowledge of its history and purpose.

Yoga is the union of mind, body, and soul. It is commonly thought of as a physical activity that involves moving through various yoga poses; however, this is only one aspect of the practice. During this course, we’ll explore the Philosophy of Yoga from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as well as the Eight Limbs of Yoga.

All of this is presented by our wonderful philosophy teacher, Yogi Sandeep from Rishikesh who teaches the students around the globe in online and residential Yoga Teacher Training Course here at Raj Yoga Rishikesh in India. You will also receive guidance and academic support from very dedicated teachers.

Why study Yoga Philosophy?

The ancient yogis discovered that the root course of unhappiness and suffering is ignorance of our own true nature. However by understanding how our mind works they described a path that we can follow to discover our true self.

This course is for everyone who is searching for meaning and purpose as well as students who'd like to deepen their knowledge of the philosophy behind the Yoga tradition.

The bonus classes on yogic breathing and meditation are designed at an open level, meaning that they can be done by complete beginners or more experienced yoga practitioners.


You will receive a certificate upon completion.

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