Yoga poses for one leg injury

Published 2022-01-28
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Yen Tran

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Keep your whole body muscle activated and acelerate your leg recovering

I decided to create the course while I was trying to find yoga poses for one of my friend who had one leg injury from skiing.

She needed to move with two sticks and would have surgery which would not allow her to do sport for at least several months. Knowing how active she usually is and the amount of time on doing sports she usually spends, I understand how frustrated it was for her.

I realised that there might be a lot of people who are suffering from the same situation. And as I was trying to help my friends, I can use the knowledge to help the other as well

The course are composed by two main parts:

First: subtle exercise, to warm up and activate your whole body muscle so it will not get weak while you are not able to move a lot. This includes exercise mostly for your legs from as easy as moving your toe, some part of your feet and leg, to moving your back, chest and neck muscles. This will be helpful to applied for your injured leg once it starts to recover as well

Second: yoga poses- to start to strengthen the muscle of your normal leg, the one that is not injured. While most of the poses are easy to do using one leg only, there are some which are more challenging which will make you sweat a bit. Some might require a bit of movement from your injured leg as well if it is not in serious trouble. But don't worry, I also explain the easier version of them so you can do without hurting your injured leg

Third part: breathing technique for you to calm your mind and sleep better. As you might spend a lot of time alone at home, it is also good to work on your mental health in parallel with your physical one

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