Yoga Program for Emotions Management

Published 2022-06-15
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Maria Irimescu

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Antidepressant Holistic Therapies

An antidepressant yoga program, which brings together different holistic therapies, which will teach you how to connect with your emotions and how to manage your emotions, so that you can become the person you wish to be and achieve the life you dream of.

Emotions are the ones that paint our inner state and guide our behaviors and actions. When we experience anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness and other negative emotions for a long time, we need to act at all levels of the human being to heal. It is recommended to work with a therapist or psychologist, to discover and understand the causes and roots of our problems, but it is not enough to work only mentally. The human being is an integrative one, mind, body, emotions, spirit, and we need to act and heal all its parts.

This yoga program will address the emotional body, the physical body, the energy body and the spiritual body. We will work at each level to cleanse the stagnant emotions and energies and we will learn how to access states of well-being, peace, love, connection and happiness, through ancient yogic techniques, like:

- meditations

- breathwork

- kundalini/kriya practices

- chanting

- deep relaxation

- dance for emotional release

- tapping

- body awareness exercises

- hatha yoga

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